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In the beginner’s class, students will learn conversation Japanese and basic Japanese language. The book “Genki I” will be used. This book is used in the university and college here and in Japan. The class will teach Japanese with Hiragana, Katagana and Kanji. Practice will also be emphasized.

We also have an advance class where the usage and expression of the Japanese language is discussed. Conversational Japanese is also discussed but not emphasized as much. The class is geared more toward understanding of the culture through the use of the language. The book, “Genki II” is used. At times the class discussions are extended to incorporate Zen, Buddhism and other religions as well.

This class was started on the request of a Zazen kai member who was reading a short booklet in Japanese called “WATASHITACHI NO DOGENZENJI (わたしたちの道元禅師)”. Upon finishing the booklet, the several Zazen kai members wanted a Japanese class where they could review and refresh their Japanese and thus, the Japanese class was born.

Join us and enjoy learning about the Japanese language and culture.

Instructor: Rev Koshi Kuwahara
Phone: 213-446-9809 Email: zenforone@gmail.com

Time: Saturday     9:30am to 11:00am Advance class
               11:00am to 12:20pm Beginner’s class
Location: Computer room(upstairs)
Fee: No fee. Donation appreciated.