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Busshin  - April 2009

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Busshin  - February 2009

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Everyone is cordially invited to attend the Eitaikyo Service on Sunday, October 17, 2010 at 11:00am.   Immediately following the service at 11:30am, Zenshuji will host the Tokuha Fukyo Special Buddhist Lecture.   The guest speaker will be Reverend Juko Nakano from Fukushima Prefecture.   English translation will be by Bishop Rumme.   Please come and join us for a morning of spiritual enrichment.



On Sunday, October 24, 2010, the Board of Directors, Fujinkai Ladies, Zazen-Kai, and Terakoya Families will gather together and host a “HALLOWEEN FUN ZONE” activity event for the young children.   The activities will begin at 2:00pm and conclude with a snack at 5:00pm.   Activities planned include: face painting, decorating pumpkin cookies, etc.    All young children are invited to attend.   We are looking forward to an afternoon of fun and laughter.



'The Essence of Zen' Study Group will be starting on September 23rd for 8 Thursday Evenings 7:30pm-8:45pm include 25 minutes of zazen. ' The Essence of Zen' is written by Rev. Sekkei Harada who is the great Zen master of our time, currently the head minister of Hosshinji in Fukui prefecture, Japan. The study group will be led by Rev. Daigaku Rummé, who translated the book from Japanese to English, the head priest of Zenshuji and director of the Soto Zen Buddhism North America Office. Suggested Donation: $40 for the series ($15 for temple members). Register by calling Zenshuji (213) 624-8658 or by email to  Please include your name and contact information.


In the last Busshin I mentioned that the Management/Maintenance Committee is planning to work on some major projects in anticipation of the 90th Anniversary of Zenshuji in two years.   The fundraising project for this purpose will be called – “PROJECT: ZENSHUJI BEAUTIFICATION”.    Since the parking lot project is out of reach at this moment, we will transfer the funds from the Bake Sale & Craft Sale to the Management/Maintenance Fund.   This will give us a start of approximately $1200.00 toward our first year goal of $10,000.00 and continue to on to the second year goal of another $10,000.00.   


Bishop Rumme and Zazen-Kai have donated $1,000.00 to the ‘Project: Zenshuji Beautification’ Fund.   This money was raised from the ‘Introduction to Zen Meditation’ 5-class session held in August, 2010.   We thank the Bishop and Zazen-Kai for their generous donation.   We appreciate your hard work and many hours spent to organize, advertise, and execute the event.    We wish you continued success on the next class session entitled ‘ The Essence of Zen Study’ to begin at the end of September.




Ellen Nagamine works for Walt Disney Company and has volunteered many hours on projects and activities offered by Disney VountEARS and Los Angeles Community Relations.  In return for the volunteered hours on the projects throughout the local community, the Disney Company donates a monetary grant to the charity of Ellen’s choice.  Ellen has been graciously designating her monetary grant to Zenshuji for the past few years.  This year Ellen’s 2009 - EARS TO YOU GRANT was $500.00.  She has designated this check to Project: Zenshuji Beautification.   We are sincerely blessed to have a member who gives many hours to working and providing the community with a friendly green environment, a role model to the younger generation, and taking pride in her culture and religion.   We, at Zenshuji, are very honored and humble to receive this Grant.  Thank you Ellen!  


Please look for more information on how you can help contribute to Project: Zenshuji Beautification in future publications and letters.


Carolyn Abe Hashiba




OCTOBER:      11th     Columbus Day - Temple Closed

                        17th     Fujinkai Meeting  10am

                                       Eitaikyo & Monthly Service  11am

                                       Tokuha Fukyo Special Busshist Lecture  11:30am

                                       Hosho-E   2pm

                         24th     Dr Kato’s Buddhism Lecture (Japanese) 10am           

                                        Halloween at Zenshuji  2-5pm              

                         31st     A Day of Zazen: All Day Sitting Meditation 7:10am - 5:00pm


NOVEMBER:       7th     Chasen Kuyo  11am-3pm

                           11th     Veteran’s day - Temple Closed

                           14th     Shichi Go San  11am

                           21st     Monthly Service & Memorial 11am

                                        Fujinkai Meeting  10am

                           25th     Thanksgiving - Temple Closed

                           28th-Dec 4th   Rohatsu Sesshin (one week concentrated zen sittings
                                                     practice period)


A DAY OF ZAZEN: One Day of Sitting Meditation


The Zazenkai is delighted to announce that our October one-day
sitting, “A Day of Zazen”, will be held on Sunday,
October 31st, from
7:10am to 4:40 pm. It will include 8 periods of zazen, a Dharma talk
by Daigaku Sokan, breakfast, lunch, and so on. Please see the flyer
for a more detailed schedule. We look forward to seeing you all