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Busshin  - April 2009

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On November 7th at 11am, Zenshuji will host Chasen Kuyo again. You can get the tickets for attending the Tea Ceremony combined with a beautiful Vegetarian Luncheon for $40 at the temple. For more information, please call us at 213-624-8658.

Application Form is here.

SHICHI - GO - SAN   七五三


November 14, 2010, Zenshuji will be hosting the Shichi-Go-San Service for the Boys and Girls.   Join us and see all the beautiful 7-5-3 year olds dressed up to celebrate the coming of age and good health.   It’s a beautiful service, the proud parents take pictures and the children go home with a special candy from Japan. Please call us at 213-624-8658 if your child would like to participate.


Alan Miyatake from Toyo Miyatake Studios will be
present to take pictures before and after the service.   
We look forward to seeing everyone there.



'The Essence of Zen' Study Group started on September 23rd for 8 Thursday Evenings 7:30pm-8:45pm include 25 minutes of zazen. ' The Essence of Zen' is written by Rev. Sekkei Harada who is the great Zen master of our time, currently the head minister of Hosshinji in Fukui prefecture, Japan. The study group will be led by Rev. Daigaku Rummé, who translated the book from Japanese to English, the head priest of Zenshuji and director of the Soto Zen Buddhism North America Office. Suggested Donation: $40 for the series ($15 for temple members). Register by calling Zenshuji (213) 624-8658 or by email to  Please include your name and contact information. Please check the Monthly Calendar page for the rest of the sessions.


The Management/Maintenance Committee has been working hard to make some major decisions.  At the last committee meeting, a door company was selected and a contract was signed.   Hopefully in the next couple of months you will see a new entrance door by the office.   The committee is making a final decision on the color for the door and trim.


The next project will be painting the iron fence.  Once the color is decided, Mr. Tsuyoshi Mura will head a group of painters.   We are very excited about the improvements scheduled for the next few months.  Please look for future updates.



NOVEMBER:       7th     Chasen Kuyo  11am-3pm

                           11th     Veteran’s day - Temple Closed

                           14th     Shichi Go San  11am

                                        Dr Kato’s Buddhism Lecture (Japanese) 10am

                            21st     Monthly Service & Memorial 11am

                                        Fujinkai Meeting  10am

                           25th     Thanksgiving - Temple Closed

                           28th-Dec 4th   Rohatsu Sesshin (one week concentrated zen sittings
                                                     practice period)


DECEMBER:     Nov.28th-Dec 4th   Rohatsu Sesshin (one week concentrated zen sittings
                                                     practice period)

                             5th        Jodo-E, Monthly Service & Memorial 11am

                             12th      Garden Cleaning and Omigaki  9am

                                           Goeika Osame

                             14th      Director’s meeting 7:30pm

                             18th      Mochigome Washing   8am

                             19th      Mochitsuki 7am

                             25th      Christmas day - temple closed

                             31st       Year-End Service 4pm

Chasen Kuyo 1 2009
Shiti Go San 2009


Have you ever wondered “What can Zenshuji do for me?” I have heard this question asked many times.  This is a good time to address this question.  I have attended Zenshuji since the age of 8 and many things are just became a part of my daily life.  I was raised in a Japanese cultural environment and the Buddhist religion just fit into my life.   Of course it wasn’t until I was older that I started to understand how everything fit together like a puzzle.


Here is a list of some of the basic things that happen on a regular basis or as needed:

- Monthly Services (1X/month)

- Memorial Service (For those ancestors that passed away that month)

- Baby Blessing Service for infants

- House Blessing Service for people moving into a new house

- Special Age Birthdays Service/Celebration

- Weddings at a location of your choice

- Introduction to Meditation

- Zazen  (Meditation Sitting)

- Buddhist Lecture Series

- Buddhist Religious Services

- Social Activities at a reduced cost

- Use of a meeting room or social hall at a reduced cost

- Tuesday Volunteer Group

- Many more…..  Just ask us


Whatever your needs are, we can accommodate you.  Please give Zenshuji a call (213) 624-8658 and Rev. Kojima will be glad to help you.


Carolyn Abe Hashiba


     Rohatsu Sesshin is soon to be here once again. This annual one week-long zazen sittings will start on November 28th and go through December 4th. Sitting will start at 6am and go throughout the day until 8pm. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served for those who can stay. Please join in for whatever time you can. The sesshin culminates on the last day, Saturday, where we sit until midnight and have a short service in the Hondo. Hope to see you there!!!