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Busshin  - April 2009

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Busshin  - February 2009

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DEC:           4th      Jodo-E & Monthly Service & Memorial    11am

                               Fujinkai Meeting  10:00am

                               Daruma-kai Luncheon 12 noon

                    11th   Omigaki, Garden Cleaning 9am


                    13th   Director’s Meeting 7:30pm

                    17th   Mochigome Washing 8am

                    18th   Mochitsuki 7am - 4pm

                    25th   Christmas Day - temple closed

                    31st    Year-End Service 4pm


JAN:             1st      Shusho-E Service   10am

                     2nd-4th - temple closed

                     8th      A  Day of Zazen: One Day of Sitting Meditation   7am

                     10th    Board Meeting 7:30pm

                     16th    Martin Luther King Jr.’S Day - temple closed

                     29th     Fujinkai Meeting  1pm

                                  Monthly Service & Memorial    2pm

                                  Annual General Meeting for All Temple Members 3pm

                                  New Year’s Party   5pm

Rohatsu Sesshin is soon to be here once again. This annual one week-long zazen sittings will start on November 28th and go through December 3rd. Sitting will start at 6am and go throughout the day until 8pm. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served for those who can stay. Please join in for whatever time you can. The sesshin culminates on the last day, Saturday, where we sit until midnight and have a short service in the Hondo. Hope to see you there!!! If you wish to attend, please email



The next Study Group will begin on Thursday, Oct. 20th from 7:30 – 8:50 pm. We plan to meet for a total of seven times, ending on Dec. 15th (there will be no classes on Nov. 24th and Dec. 1st). This group is a continuation of the previous Study Group. We will continue reading in The Essence of  Zen. It is perfectly acceptable to join this group even if you were not part of the previous group.  The Essence of Zen is a book that we can open any section and we will immediately be in touch with the important points of Zen practice. We will sit in zazen for the last 30 minutes of each class. The cost is $15 for temple members and $40 for non-temple members. We look forward to seeing you there. If you wish to attend, please email

The Essence of Zen STUDY GROUP




Zenshuji’s traditional hand pounding Mochitsuki is almost here.    We will have it a little earlier due to the holiday close to the weekend.   This is the schedule:


       Saturday, December 17, 2011:   Mochigome washing

       Sunday, December 18, 2011:     Mochitsuki


Remember:  Volunteers are the most important part of this event.  Please take a few hours to help us pound, form the mochi, and pack.   The Funjinkai ladies are ready to teach anyone who wants to learn how to make those perfect round mochi and the ministers are ready to teach you how to pound.  Tradition is that everyone should pound the rice for ‘Good Luck’.