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Busshin  - April

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OCT:               3 - 9   U.S. Soto Zen Conference (Oregon)

                       8th      Columbus Day - temple closed

                       11, 18, 25   Essence of Zen Study Group 7:30pm

                       14th    Dr. Kato’s Buddhism Lecture in Jpnse 10am

                                   Rodoku-kai (Japanese Readings)  2pm                                    

                        21st    Fujinkai Meeting  10am

                                   EITAIKYO and Monthly Service 11am

                                   Temple Directory Photo shoots  11am - 2pm

                                   Daruma-kai Luncheon 12pm

                                   HOSHO-E  2pm

                        27th   Halloween Party  2pm  

                         28th   A Day of Zazen: One Day of Sitting Meditation   7:10am


NOV:                1, 8, 15, 29  Essence of Zen Study Group 7:30pm

                        11th   Chasen Kuyo (All Day Tea Ceremony)  11am

                        12th   Veteran’s Day - temple closed

                        18th   Shichi Go San  11am

                                   Dr. Kato’s Buddhism Lecture in Japanese 10am

                        22nd  Thanksgiving - temple closed

                        25th   Fujinkai Meeting  10am

                                   Monthly Service and Memorial  11am

                                   Daruma-kai Luncheon 12pm

A DAY OF ZAZEN: One Day of Sitting Meditation


The Zazenkai is having One Day sitting, “A Day of Zazen” almost every month this year. In September, it will be on the 23rd, in October on the 30th and so on. It will be from 7:10am to 4:40 pm, include 8 periods of zazen, a Dharma talk by Daigaku Sokan, breakfast, lunch and a question period. Please see the flyer for the detailed schedule. Please email if you are planning to attend.

90th Anniversary Celebration Huge Success


The awesome staff of Zenshuji Soto Mission did a wonderful job organizing and implementing the events for the 90th Anniversary Celebration. The smiles and compliments by the visiting reverends, congregation members and friends provided the positive ambience of serenity, happiness, and approval. We had over 40 visiting reverends from various temples in Japan, France and United States. We had almost full capacity for all our 90th Anniversary events.


The 90th Anniversary Events would not have been possible without the leadership of the Committee headed by Ray Haynes, Yoshimi Sussan, Bishop Daigaku Rumme, Reverend Shumyo Kojima and Reverend Daiki Toho.   Together in collaboration with the Board of Directors, many late hours, endless energy, and detailed planning brought this wonderful weekend celebration to a huge success enjoyed by all those in attendance.


I would like to extend the Bishop’s, Ministers’, President’s and Board of Directors’ appreciation to everyone for your donation, support, and participation during the 90th Anniversary Celebration. Without your participation and presence, our celebration would not have been complete. Thank you for taking the time to share this event with us!   Your presence was the most important part of the celebration!    In Gashho,


Carolyn Abe Hashiba


The Board of Directors is in the process of printing a ‘Temple Directory’ with pictures, names, address (optional), and email (optional) of Temple Members, Organizations, and Friends of Zenshuji.  Many families, members and friends have taken their pictures at the Jizobon Service (August) and Anniversary Banquet and Ohigan Service (September).  The last date for the free sitting is Eitaikyo Service on October 21, 2012.  Photographer, Alan Miyatake will be at Zenshuji to take the pictures.  You will be able to pick your shot for the directory as well as purchase additional pictures for families members and upcoming holiday cards at a separate price.

The purpose of this book is for the generation of members to recognize individuals that we see at the temple and all names to those faces.  Also to recognize the various organizations, classes and programs sponsored by the Temple.   Don’t be left out.   Alan Miyatake will be available from 11:00am to 2:00pm on Sunday, October 21, 2012.  If you plan to have a family group picture at Zenshuji on 10j/21/12, appointments can be made ahead of time by calling Alan @ Toyo Miyatake Studio, (626) 289-5674 or (780) 552-8454 so that he will have the proper equipments.   If you have any other questions, please call Rev. Kojima or Rev. Toho @ (213) 624-8658 or Carolyn Hashiba @ (714) 539-1453.


‘Essence of Zen’ STUDY GROUP


The next Study Group will begin on Thursday, October 11th from 7:30pm to 8:50 pm. We plan to meet for a total of seven times, ending on November 29th. This group is a continuation of the previous Study Group. We will continue reading in The Essence of  Zen. It is perfectly acceptable to join this group even if you were not part of the previous group.  The Essence of Zen is a book that we can open any section and we will immediately be in touch with the important points of Zen practice. We will sit in zazen for the last 30 minutes of each class. The cost is $15 for temple members and $40 for non-temple members. We look forward to seeing you there. If you wish to attend, please email


Rev. Senyu Matsumoto Returned to Japan


Reverend Senyu Matsumoto has returned to Japan.  He was the assistant (right-hand man) to Bishop Daigaku Rumme.  He is going to be head minister at Chiunji Temple in Maizuru, Japan.  We wish him the best and a safe journey home.  Please come back and visit us if time ever permits.   A Farewell Party was held on Saturday, September 22 where he gave a sermon before a pot-luck Lunch was held at Zenshuji.   Thank you Matsumoto Sensei for all your hard work, great advice and assistance in many of our activities.



10月14日(日) 午後2時



       堀田 紀眞・・・森鷗外作『雁』


       木村 秀隆・・・菊池寛作『恩讐の彼方に』


*その他、ノートルダム高校生の日本語パフォーマンスや高校生日本語学習者による朗読、 日本の芸能(琴演奏)などを予定しています。


*TEL 禅宗寺213.624.8658 (小島)