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Busshin  - April

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Busshin  - February

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OCT:     9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th   Essence of Zen Study Group 7:30pm

             12th     A Day of Zazen: One Day of Sitting Meditation 7:10a

             13th      Columbus Day - temple closed

             14th      Board Meeting  7:30pm

             18th      Rodoku-kai (Japanese Reading)   2pm

             19th      Fujinkai Meeting  10am

                          Eitaikyo & Monthly Service & Memorial  11am

                          Potluck Luncheon  12pm

                          Hosho-E   1:30pm

              26th    Dr. Kato’s Buddhism Lecture in Japanese  10am

                          Halloween Party    2pm


NOV:     6th, 13th    Essence of Zen Study Group 7:30pm

              9th      Chasen Kuyo Tea Ceremony    11am-3pm

             10th     Veteran’s Day - temple closed

             11th     Board Meeting    7:30pm

             16th     Shichi-Go-San   11am

              23rd   Fujinkai Meeting  10am

                          Dr. Kato’s Buddhism Lecture in Japanese  10am

                          Monthly Service & Memorial  11am

                           Potluck Luncheon   12pm

              27th    Thanksgiving Day - temple closed

              30 - Dec 6   Rohatsu Sesshin    6am-8pm  

A DAY OF ZAZEN: One Day of Sitting Meditation


The Zazenkai holds One Day sitting, “A Day of Zazen” almost every month. It will be from 7:10am to 4:40 pm, include 8 periods of zazen, a Dharma talk by Daigaku Sokan, breakfast, lunch and a question period. Please see the flyer for the dates and detailed schedule for 2014. Please email if you are planning to attend.





We are excited to announce that our long awaited Zenshuji Sutra books have finally arrived!  Sokan Daigaku Rumme, who initiated this project 2 ½ years ago, felt a need to publish our very own book filled with sutras typically chanted here at Zenshuji during memorial/Sunday service and daily service and includes the meal verses as well as other significant Mahayanan sutras. The sutras are written in English, Roma-ji and Japanese. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the committee members, our sutra book project has finally come to fruition. It was a labor of love and commitment on the part of everyone involved. Thank you to Sokan Rumme, Kojima Sensei, Toho Sensei, Julie Iwamoto, Atsuko Kubota and Sunil Vernekar.

The books will be available for use in the Hondo and also for sale to individuals who would like their very own copy. They are hard bound and will sell for $25.00 each. For those who cannot pick up a copy from the Temple, we will be happy to sell by mail order. which will include a shipping fee of $5.  Mail Order Form here.



- English side -


- Japanese side -


‘Essence of Zen’ STUDY GROUP


The next Study Group will begin on Thursday, October 9th from 7:30pm to 8:50 pm. We plan to meet for a total of six times, ending on November 13th. This group is a continuation of the previous Study Group. We will continue reading in The Essence of  Zen. It is perfectly acceptable to join this group even if you were not part of the previous group.  The Essence of Zen is a book that we can open any section and we will immediately be in touch with the important points of Zen practice. We will sit in zazen for the last 30 minutes of each class. The cost is $15 for temple members and $40 for non-temple members. We look forward to seeing you there. If you wish to attend, please email



There will be Taiko and Shinobue workshops by Marco Lienhard at Zenshuji on October 8th. The Shinobue workshop is from 6:30pm to 8 pm. The taiko workshop is from 8 pm to 10pm. You can see More Information Here. Contact:



Zenshuji Temple’s celebration for children Shichi-Go-San (7-5-3 years old) will be held on Sunday November 16, 2014 @ 11:00am.   Usually girls of seven years, boys of 5 years and boys and girls of 3 years go to the local shrine to express gratitude to the Gods for their growth and continued blessings.  The children dress in colorful traditional costumes as they enter the shrine.  If Western attire is worn, the children dress up in party dresses and suits. The children are given candy called “chitoseame” (thousand year candy) to promise them long life.  We need to order these candies from Japan.  Pictures are taken by the proud parents for these mile stones.  We will have Alan Miyatake of Toyo Miyatake Studio, San Gabriel taking pictures for this memorable event.  Come early to take your pictures before the service.  Alan will be downstairs. All children must register with the ministers at Zenshuji.  Please call (213) 624-8658 and make your reservation.   Deadline is November 8, 2014 to register.


HALLOWEEN at Zenshuji - OCT 26th      


On Sunday, October 26th, Zenshuji will host a HALLOWEEN fun  activity event for the young children.   The activities will begin at 2:00 pm and conclude with a snack around 4:00 pm.   Activities planned include: face painting, monster arts and crafts, etc.    All young children are invited to attend.   We are looking forward to an afternoon of fun and laughter.