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Temple News - May 2009

The Board of Director members re-elected/newly elected at the General

Meeting in January were introduced to the congregation at the Ohigan Service in

March. The Board Members who will serve on the Board for the next two years are: Dwight Fujii, Ray Haynes, Lance Kawakami, Brian Kimura, Ellen Nagamine, Miyoko Mura, Hiroko Seki and Kaye Soo Hoo. Congratulatlions to all and we’ll see you at the monthly Board meetings. They will be joining the remaining Board members: Carolyn Hashiba, Osamu Matsushita, Howard Miyoshi, Midori Nakatani, Takeshi Oda, Georgene Salisbury and Hiromi Yamashita. Their term will end in Janauary of 2010. Together the Board of Directors will work hard to provide the leadership necessary to guide the temple as (1) a spiritual site, (2) a place to sit for Zazen(meditation), (3) a learning site for cultural activities and (4) an opportunity to be a part of the Japanese Town community.

     The Board members are ready to listen to any suggestions and comments that will improve the temple, so please feel free to talk to us at any time. We are here to serve your needs. Once again, congratulations to everyone.




Board of Directors Officers:

Chairman of the Board             Hashiba, Carolyn

Vice Chairman                         (#1) Miyoshi, Howard; (#2) Seki, Hiroko

Vice Chairman                         (#3) Haynes, Ray; (#4) Salisbury, Georgene

Advisor to Board of Directors     Matsushita, Osamu; Mura, Miyoko


Executive Officers:

President                                 Hashiba, Carolyn

Vice President                          Matsushita, Osamu; Nakatani, Midori; Mura, Miyoko

Chief Financial Officer               Nakarani, Midori

Treasurer-Regular Account        Nakatani, Midori

Treasurer-Special Account         Matsushita, Osamu

Secretary-Recording                 Mura, Miyoko; Nagainine, Ellen

Secretary-Corresponding          Kimura, Brian; Miyoshi, Howard         

 Legal Advisor                           Kawana Teiji

Tax Advisor                             Fukase-D’Elarco, Yohko


Computer/Internet Maintenance/Program    Haynes, Ray; Higa, Larry;

                                                                Kubota, Atsuko; Lang, Rev. Myoshin


Auditor                           Fukase-D‘Elarco, Yohko; Mura, Hideo; Matsumoto, Hiroshi




Thank you to 3 Board Members who have served their terms with dedication, hours of service, wonderful ideas, and great expertise. We will miss you at the Board meetings but look forward to your participation on various committees and events.


 YOHKO FUKASE-D’ELARCO: She brought her business expertise to the Board meetings. She provided us with ‘a view of the bigger picture’ that an executive sees on various issues. Yohko is also a member of the Shakyo Group and is one of the

members we depend on to help us with the writing on the Darumas at the Setsubun Service. Yohko will continue to help us as a member of the audit team and finance committee.

  YOSHIMI SUSSAN: She brought her bilingual expertise and business skills to the Board. She was Lang Sensei’s right hand on the Busshin staff. Thanks to her, she translated Japanese articles for the English section and help at the Board meetings to translate issues so that the Sansei members would have a better understanding. Yoshimi is a member of the Shakyo Group and has assisted us with the writing on the Darumas at the Setsubun Service.

 JAMES MONARREZ: He was the Chairperson for the Carnival Committee, Gardening Club, and Sakai Fund. He learned how to apply for the permits of the various events by contacting the right city offices and knowing the people in charge. This requires many hours of correspondence and appearances in the various offices. James has been successful in securing the Mega Toys parking lot for our big events. James has pledged to continue the responsibility of getting the various permits as needed and we thank him for this service.

  Once again, on behalf of the Board and Congregation, our sincerest appreciation for your service and may we continue to work together on various committees and events. Your participation and leadership will continue to be of great value and importance. Thank you.


May & June Events  2009


MAY    1st - 3rd   Japanese Temple Meeting at Tassajara

           2nd           Karaoke Night

           12th          Board Meeting 7:30pm

           17th          Monthly Service & Memorial 11am

                             Fujinkai Meeting 10am

                             Mother’s Day & Father’s Day Luncheon

            24th         Dr. Kato’s Japanese Lecture

            25th         Memorial Day


JUNE   6th         Rummage Sale

                             Karaoke Night

             9th          Board Meeting 7:30pm

            21st        Monthly Service & Memorial 11am

                            Fujinkai Meeting 10am

                            Daruma Club 12 Noon

                            Dr. Kato’s Japanese Lecture

            28th        Garden Cleaning



Once again we will be having a combined mothers day and fathers day Luncheon to be held after the monthly service and memorial on May 17th at 12 noon. We look forward to seeing many fathers and mothers!



SUNDAY MAY 24th                 GREEN HILLS         11:00 am

MONDAY MAY 25th                 EVERGREEN          9:30 am MUENTO

                                                                              10:00 am IREITO

                                                                              11:00 am NISSEI VETS

                                                  ROSE HILLS         9:00 am NISSEI VETS

                                                                              10:00 am IREITO

                                                  ROSEDALE          2:00 pm

                                                  ENGLEWOOD      2:00 pm




Zenshuji will be having a special Rummage sale to benefit building improvements. Please donate any unwanted items such as used clothing, furniture, books - anything!!! Your donated unwanted items will help to improve the Temple facilities. Ongoing upkeep and maintenance gets harder with the passing of so many years as things start to wear out. With everyone’s help we can renew

our Temple step by step. Your unwanted items can go a long way to helping with this effort. Please bring your unwanted items to Zenshuji by the end of May. You can come by anytime or call 213-624-8658 to arrange a time to ensure someone is at the Temple to accept. Thank you in advance for your thoughtful donation!