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Temple News



Temple News - May 2009


Busshin  - April 2009

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Busshin  - February 2009

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Once again we will be taking a day to spruce up the temple and we need your help! This will be our last chance before the Obon Carnival to make sure our grounds look good. No skills necessary! All are welcome and we will even feed you lunch! So even if you only have a little bit of time to spare please come by. It’s on SUNDAY, JUNE 28th starting 9am.

June & July Events  2009



JUNE   6th         Rummage Sale  8am -1pm

                        Karaoke Night  7:30pm

          9th         Board Meeting 7:30pm

          14th       Zoukin making Meeting  10am

                        Carnival Committee/Volunteer Meeting  11am

          21st       Monthly Service & Memorial 11am

                        Fujinkai Meeting 10am

                        Daruma Club 12 Noon

                        Dr. Kato’s Buddhism Lecture in Japanese  10am

          28th       Garden Cleaning  9am

          30th       Movie ’ZEN’ Screening 7:30pm


JULY    4th         Independence Day / Temple Closed

          5th         CHOCHIN Hanging  9am

          7th         Board Meeting  7:30pm

          9th         Carnival Booth Construction  5pm

          10th       Carnival Final Preparations

          11th & 12th    OBON CARNIVAL  11am-8pm

                                  OBON Service    1:30pm

          14th       Carnival Clean-Up 5pm

          26th       Dr. Kato’s Buddhism Lecture in Japanese  10am




Zenshuji will have the 51st annual Obon Carnival on July 11th and 12th. The Carnival will run from 11am to 8pm. The Obon Service will be at 1:30pm on both days. Tell your neighbours and friends and bring the whole family! There will be plenty to do and see and of course EAT!!! This yearly fundraiser needs everyone’s help to put on so if you have time please come by:


June 14th, Sun    Carnival Committee/Volunteer Meeting  11am

         28th, Sun    Garden Cleaning  9am

July   5th, Sun       CHOCHIN Hanging  9am

         9th, Thu       Carnival Booth Construction  5pm

         10th, Fri       Carnival Final Preparations

         11th, Sat & 12th, Sun    OBON CARNIVAL  11am-8pm

                                                   OBON Service    1:30pm

        14th, Tue      Carnival Clean-Up 5pm


Registration forms are now available in the office for the 2009 LABCC summer camp at Camp Morning Star. The deadline for camp registration is June 30th. Last year’s camp was full and it looks like this year will be the same so register early to make sure your child can attend. Do not wait, resister as soon as possible!


ZOUKIN Making Meeting

We will be holding a Zazen-kai group event to hand-make traditional *zoukin's to be used for souji (cleaning, a samu) of our zendo on June 14th, Sunday at 10:00am, at Social Hall, Zenshuji. This event is purely for fun and a get-together for Zazen-kai participants. Please bring used cotton towels and/or T-shirts, and a hand sewing kit if you have one. We will be providing sewing needles, threads and fabric for those who don’t have. Rev. Kojima will give us an introductory talk at the event.

*A Zoukin is a traditional Japanese cleaning cloth. It is commonly handmade from recycled cloth or fabric, folded several times and then sewn together in order to hold its fold, shape and thickness. We are thinking to make two types of zoukin for the Zendo souji, blue or any colored ones to be used for cleaning the floor and white zoukin’s for cleaning the tatami and above. Any questions, please contact <>.

Zenshuji welcomes you to join us at our Obon Carnival. We are trying to get the word out and hard copies of this flyer are available at the temple for you to pick up and distribute. (to family, friends, neighbourhood, local businesses....etc)

Call us at 213-624-8658. Or you can download (1.2mb) the flyer to print out.


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Movie “ZEN” - The Life of Dōgen - Screening



We are very excited to announce that on Tuesday, June 30th, 7:30pm at the Zenshuji main hall, the Zazenkai will be screening the movie *ZEN*. This is a full length feature film (Japanese with English subtitles) dramatizing the life of Dōgen Zenji, the founder of Sōtō school of Zen. As far as we know this is the Los Angeles premier and everyone is invited. Free admission.

Here is the link to the official web site of the movie.