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July & August Events  2009



JULY   4th         Independence Day / Temple Closed

          5th         CHOCHIN Hanging  9am

          7th         Board Meeting  7:30pm

          9th         Carnival Booth Construction  5pm

          10th       Carnival Final Preparations

          11th & 12th    OBON CARNIVAL  11am-8pm

                                  OBON Service    1:30pm

          14th       Carnival Clean-Up 5pm

          26th       Dr. Kato’s Buddhism Lecture in Japanese  10am


AUG    2nd         Karaoke Night 7:30pm

                         LABCC Summer Camp Begins

           8th          LABCC Summer Camp Ends

           11th       Board Meeting 7:30pm

           16th        Jizobon, Monthly Service & Memorial 11:00am

                           Fujinlkai Meeting 10:00am

                           Daruma Club 12:00 noon

           23rd       Dr. Kato’s Buddhism Lecture in Japanese  10am




Zenshuji will have the 51st annual Obon Carnival on July 11th and 12th. The Carnival will run from 11am to 8pm. The Obon Service will be at 1:30pm on both days. Tell your neighbours and friends and bring the whole family! There will be plenty to do and see and of course EAT!!!


Our Carnival Committee is working very hard to make the 51st Annual Obon/Carnival a success. The Leadership Team of Ray Haynes and Doug Seki will Co-chair this year's committee with assistance from Brian Kimura (Booth Construction/Chochin hanging), Lance Kawakami (Booth Construction/Safety and Jeff Tani & Vivian Seki (Games). Mr. & Mrs. Hideo Mura and committee will help with food and supply ordering. We have many things on our "TO DO LIST" so if you can volunteer some time or muscle, please give Ray, Doug, Kojima Sensei or Lang Sensei a call at 213-624-8658. We will need major help during Garden Cleaning (June 28), Chochin Hanging (July 5), Booth Construction (July 9), Carnival Day (July 11 & 12), and Clean Up Day (July 14). We need people to pick up merchandise, plants and produce (for those who have trucks) and supplies. GIVE US A CALL AT 213-624-8658 AND LET US KNOW WHEN YOU ARE AVAILABLE TO HELP OR WHAT YOU CAN DO!


On August 16th, we will be having our annual Jizobon Service at 11:00am. Please plan to attend as there will be a luncheon provided afterwards by the Fujinkai, Daruma club and by those who care to bring a small dish to share with the Sangha.



13:30  Obon Service

14:45 Taichi Demonstration by Ralph

15:00  Karaoke & Talent show

16:00  Hollywood Entertainment Academy (Karate & dancing)

16:30  Kikuta-Kai (folk dance)

17:00  Rev. Shuichi Kurai & Group (taiko & koto)

17:30  Velvet Jukebox – Mimi Mayuzumi (jazz)

18:15  Zendeko (taiko drum)
18:45  Bon dance


13:30  Obon Service

14:45  Matsumae Kai (folk music)

15:15  Aikido Center of Los Angels

15:45  Bando Mitsuhiro Kai (classical Japanese dance)

16:15  Random Ninjas (rock band)

17:00  Shorinji Kenpo (Southbay & Caltech branch)

17:30  Zendeko (taiko drum)

18:00  Raffle drawing

18:30  Bon dance


Zenshuji welcomes you to join us at our Obon Carnival. We are trying to get the word out and hard copies of this flyer are available at the temple for you to pick up and distribute. (to family, friends, neighbourhood, local businesses....etc)

Call us at 213-624-8658. Or you can download (1.2mb) the flyer to print out.

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The next time you come to Zenshuji, you will see a new face working, assisting, and lending a helping hand. Let us introduce you to a young priest, Reverend YŌKAI Sano, from Kanagawa, Japan. He arrived on June 3, 2009 and will stay at Zenshuji for approximately 3 months. He is 25 years old and trained at Eiheiji for three years. He will help Zenshuji through the Obon Carnival and then visit other Zen Centers. Please make him feel at home by introducing yourself.


Parking info.

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