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Semi-Private Services





- This service is related to the last day of the year in the old lunar calendar, usually falling around February 2 or 3 of the present calendar. At the temple we will have the festive ceremony of 'bean throwing' (mamemaki) at the beginning of February every year. The dried roasted soy beans are thrown to bring in good fortune and drive

away evil spirits. Toshi-Otoko, Toshi-Onna, people born under the zodiac sign of the year (12, 24. 36. 48. 60. 72, 84, 96, etc, year old) are selected as bean throwers and the crowd of people try to catch the thrown beans which are said to bring good fortune. To be the bean-thrower of the year, please call the temple. You will be wearing Kamishimo.




- Zenshuji has Shichi-Go-San service every November celebrating and blessing the health and well being of 3 and 7-year-old girls and 5-year-old boys. Chitose-ame and a gift will be provided for those who participate. Photography will be handled by Toyo Miyatake Studio and should be contacted directly. To make a reservation, please call the temple at least one week before the service, include your name, the child’s English (and Japanese) name, age, sex, and contact phone number. A Reservation Form will be posted on this web site’s Temple News in October or you can get it at the temple.