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Busshin  - April 2009

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APRIL & MAY 2010 Events


APRIL:       4th    Pancake Breakfast 8:30am    

                         Zenshuji Hanamatsuri  11:00am  

                11th   Dr Kato’s Buddhism Lecture (English)

                         LABCF Hanamatsuri at Jodo-shu Temple 1:00pm

               18th   Fujinkai Meeting 10:00am     

                         Monthly Service & Memorial 11:00am

               24th   Manzanar Pilgrimage

               25th   Dr Kato’s Buddhism Lecture (Japanese)


MAY:     2nd    Tassajara Retreat #1 Until May 8th

                9th    A Day of Zazen: All Day Sitting Meditation 7:10 am - 5:00 pm

                9th    Tassajara Retreat #2 Until May 14th

                16th  Monthly Service & Memorial 11:00am

                          Followed by Mother's and Father's Day Luncheon

                 30th  Memorial Day Service at Green Hills (TBA)

                 31st  Memorial Day Service at Evergreen Cemetery (TBA)

                                                                  Rose Hills (TBA)

                                                                  Inglewood (TBA)

                                                                  Rosedale (TBA)



The 'MEMBERSHIP DUE' letters have been mailed and we are asking you to return it as soon as possible. Your dues are important for the operation of the temple. Just like your  income is important for the function of your household, your membership is important to help provide supplies for the various services, postage for mailings, repairs as needed, ministers’ wages, office and kitchen supplies as needed, and many other expenses. If you don’t have the form, please download it here.


As a member, you are first to access all the information of events and activities happening at the temple. If you are planning an activity for yourself or family, you may rent one of our rooms or social hall. You are eligible to be nominated or self nominate to run for the Board of Directors, be chairman of a committee, or initiate a fund raiser or activity for the temple.


I would encourage all of you to really help by becoming a member of the temple. You can pay in one installment ($200.00) or 2 installments ($100.00 X 2 times). For those of you who are students, we do have the $100.00 Friends of Zenshuji Fund.  Please participate in this membership drive and let's see if we can top last year's membership count.


In Gassho,

Carolyn Abe Hashiba






Reminder: There are several funds that depend on your generous donation to continue their purpose in the temple organization. Here is the list:


Special Fund:

1. TOKUSHI: Special Donation other then the items listed

2. KIHONKIN: For repairs, replacement and renovation of the buildings and facilities.

3. BUSSHIN: For publication of Busshin News Letter.

4. CAR FUND: For maintenance and purchase of vehicles.

5. PARKING STRUCTURE FUND: For parking structure project.

6. GARDEN FUND: For maintenance of temple garden.


Activity Fund:

1. SBA FUND: To support the Senior Buddhist Association Organization. They purchase the monthly birthday cake for the monthly/memorial luncheon.

2. TERAKOYA: To support the young children (infant to 3 (Tues) and 3 to 5 years old (Sat.)) and adult support activity.

3. YBA/JR. YBA: To support the Young Buddhist Association; Youth activities.

4. ZENDEKO: To support the Taiko Group activities.

5. BUDDHIST LECTURE: To support the continuing of Buddhist Lecture Classes.

6. ZAZEN: To support Zazen and Zen Practice.


Every little bit helps. Your kind donation throughout the year is important to the various funds/organizations! Please use the same donation form as the membership due; download the form here.



At the Annual Zenshuji New Year dinner party, elections were held to vote for the 7 Board Members that will join the existing 8 Board Members.



- Term Ending Jan., 2012

Carolyn Hashiba, Atsuko Kubota, Osamu Matsushita, Howard Miyoshi,

Midori Nakatani, Takashi Oda, Georgene Salisbury

- Term Ending Jan., 2011

Yohko Fukase-D'Elarco, Ray Haynes, Lance Kawakami, Brian Kimura, Miyoko Mura,

Ellen Nagamine, Hiroko Seki, Kaye SooHoo


We want to thank out-going Board Member Hiromi Yamashita for her many years of service on the Board. Her active  participation, offers of suggestions & recommendations, leadership on committees, and many offers to volunteer in various activities is gratefully appreciated. Thank you Hiromi!

HANAMATSURI (Flower Festival)


Also known as the Birthday of Sakyamuni Gautama Buddha
born in Lumbini Garden. Buddhist Temples observe a special
service dedicated to Sakyamuni called 'Kanbutsue'. A flower
shrine, known  as Hanamido, is set in front of the main shrine

as a symbol of the Lumbini Garden. The statuette of the infant
Buddha, with his right hand finger pointing up to heaven and

his left hand finger pointing down to earth, is placed in the

center of the  Hanamido and the congregation participate in

the pouring of sweet tea (amacha) over the Buddha. The ancient legend is that 'the universe was filled with happy music, flowers in bloom, and sweet rain fell from the heavens to make this a joyful event. Please come and join us at Zenshuji’s Hanamatsuri on the 4th, the service at 11am, Pancake Breakfast from 8:30am to 10:30am (ticket $6 at the door), and Los Angeles Buddhist Church Federation’s on the 11th at 1pm.




Click here for the document.



Please join us for the Monthly and Memorial Service for April on Sunday, April 18, 2010 at 11:00am. Following the service we will have a Pot-Luck Luncheon to introduce and become better acquainted with our newly appointed Bishop of the Soto Zen Buddhism North America Office. Bring your favorite dish to share with us as we enjoy an afternoon of delicious food and tea with Bishop Daigaku Rumme.           Click here for the official anouncement