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Below schedule is subject to change due to the health department regulations.


JAN:      1st       Shusho-E   10 am   Facebook Live

              2 - 4    Temple closed

              12th     Board Meeting   6:30 pm

              18th    Martin Luther King Jr. Day - Temple closed

              31st    Monthly Service & Memorial   10 am   Facebook Live

                          Annual Temple Members General Meeting   11 am


FEB:      7th       Setsubun-E (Bean-Throwing Ceremony)   11:00 am   Facebook Live

              9th       Directors’ Meeting   6:30 pm

              15th     Presidents’ Day - Temple closed

              21st     Nehan-E & Monthly Service & Memorial   11 am   Facebook Live




We have finally set up online donation. Please check the DONATION page using the fourth navigation tab on the left. If you have any questions, please email




Jodo-E and monthly service was live streamed on Facebook Live. There were Dharma talks by Rev. Jyozen Anjyu from Kanzeonji in English and by Rev. Kojima in Japanese. Please watch the video on the right.

Dharma Talks at Jodo-E

By Rev Jyozen in Eng

By Rev Kojima in Jpn

New year’s Dharma message by Rev Kojima


by Rev Kojima


Rev. Kojima’s Dharma message is uploaded on our Facebook page. 逆風に帆を張る(逆風張帆)”Unfurling a sail against the wind

To navigate in adversity”

Please click the image on the right to continue to his message.



Zenshuji Ministers and Board of Directors would like to wish all our members, families and friends a very happy, healthy and safe New Year – 2021!  The vaccine is around the corner but we lucky healthy ones need to remember that our first responders and health care people need to take priority since they take care of the Covid-19 patients.  2021 will be a better year if we continue to take the precautions and follow the restrictions set by the state, county and cities.   


Remember that the rules and restrictions have been pounded into our brains for a reason since the beginning of the pandemic.  Let me refresh your brains again:  (1) Stay home as much as possible (the virus is still circulating); (2) Wash your hands frequently (you never know where your hands have been); (3) Wear your mask as often as possible and especially when outside of your house (never  know what is in the air); (4) When our of your home, do social distancing which is 6 feet; (5) If you need to sneeze, please do it in your arm; and again (6) Stay at home as much as you can (we are all susceptible to this mean and ugly virus)!  


Many of our Annual Traditions such as Obon, Mochitsuki, New Year Service, Hanamatsuri Pancake Breakfast, Hanamatsuri Service, etc. are in jeopardy for 2021.  Your Board and Ministers will be discussing about the events and activities in the upcoming months.   If you have any suggestions or ideas, contact any of the Board members or Ministers.  We will help you develop and expand the suggestions.


We hope that you are meditating and watching the online/live streaming services.  We are here to help you participate each month in the Monthly and Memorial Services.  We are hoping that by Spring Time we will be able to get the vaccine shot and see each other again.  Till then, please stay safe.


Carolyn Abe Hashiba

Chairperson of Zenshuji Board of Directors