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Busshin  - April

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Busshin  - February

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JAN:                    1st      Shusho-E (New Year’s Service)

                           2 - 4    temple closed

                           6th       A Day of Zazen: One Day of Sitting Meditation

                           8th       Board Meeting  7:30pm

                           20th    Dr. Kato’s Buddhism Lecture in Japanese  10am

                           21st    Martin Luther King Jr.’s Day - temple closed

                           27th    Fujinkai Meeting  1pm

                                       Monthly Service and Memorial  2pm

                                       Annual Members General Meeting  3pm

                                       New Year’s Party  5pm


FEB:                      3rd    Setsubun-E (Bean-Throwing ceremony) 1:30pm

                              10th  A Day of Zazen: One Day of Sitting Meditation

                              12th  Directors’ Meeting  7:30pm

                              17th  Fujinkai Meeting  10am

                                        Nehan-E, Monthly Service and Memorial  11am

                                        Daruma-kai Luncheon  12pm

                              18th  President’s Day - temple closed

                              21st, 28th, Mar 7th, 14th, 21st    Introduction to Zen Meditation 

                              24th  Dr. Kato’s Buddhism Lecture in Japanese  10am




The Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday, January 27, 2013. It will begin with the Monthly Memorial Service at 2PM. The General Meeting will follow the service at 3PM. This is when members and organizations can hear the various reports from the Board and Organizations participating at the Temple. Then the Topics for Discussions will be presented such as the Budget for 2013 and the Schedule (Calendar of Events) for 2013. Your presence will be important to the members of the Board. We look forward to your opinion and suggestions. Many of our activities and events were developed from suggestions and ideas presented by the members of our congregation. This is the ideal opportunity for you to express any needs and wants or suggestions for improvement. Please mark your calendar and we look forward to your presence.


The New Year Party will follow the General Meeting. Join the Board Members, friends and guests for an evening of socialization and entertainment. Please make your reservation soon. You may contact Rev. Kojima or Rev. Toho for further information at (213) 624-8658. Also you can fill out the application here and mail it to us by the 22nd.


Introduction to Zen Meditation


5 Thursday evenings

February 21st through March 21st, From 7:30 to 8:45 p.m


This class series provides an introduction to Zen meditation for

beginners. It is open to people of all faiths.  The classes include a

presentation of the basic principles of Zen and zazen meditation,

and discussions of how to practice Zen in daily life – while at work

and at leisure. Each class includes zazen meditation, beginning with 10 minutes during the first class, and working up to 30 minutes at the end of the series. Each class also includes walking meditation. Cost: $70 for the series ($35 for temple members). Register by calling Zenshuji (213) 617-0100 or by email to   Include your name and contact information. Payment may be made at the first class. Scholarships are also available. No one is turned away for lack of funds.

A DAY OF ZAZEN: One Day of Sitting Meditation


The Zazenkai holds One Day sitting, “A Day of Zazen” almost every month. It will be from 7:10am to 4:40 pm, include 8 periods of zazen, a Dharma talk by Daigaku Sokan, breakfast, lunch and a question period. Please see the flyer for the dates and detailed schedule for 2013. Please email if you are planning to attend.



2013 New Year will bring new adventures, new events, and new challenges. Together we will take the activities and challenges in stride and work as a Team to continue the hard work done by those before us. This gives me the opportunity to say "Thank You" or "Arigatoo

gozaimasu" for the wonderful year we had in 2012. The temple and its members were put through many new ideas and activities to achieve a successful 90th Anniversary Celebration! On behalf of the Board of Directors and President Howard Miyoshi, I would like to extend our deepest appreciation for your support and participation. You are the strength and back bone of the Board and your suggestions and advice help us to find the right path to happiness and spirit.


The 90th Anniversary Celebration was the highlight of the events in 2012. I would like to thank Ray Haynes, Yoshimi Sussan and their committee and network of friends who helped by putting many hours of hard labor, time and organization skills to make it a memorable event. Your attendance to the panel discussion, services and banquet by members, families and friends supported the vision set by the Board.


The trip to Hawaii for the 8th Annual Soto Zen Conference provided a different feeling and outlook at how Buddhism is viewed. For the first timers at such a conference, it was a great learning experience and positive experience.  The trip to Japan for the 60th Anniversary Celebration of Goeika was a wonderful experience for our Fujinkai members and families. The participation of Mrs. Hisae Shimozawa representing Zenshuji was breath taking and spiritual. The memorial held by the leaders of the celebration for Mrs. Kazuko Oishi , Zenshuji Fujinkai member who had planned to attend but suddenly passed away , was very emotional and touching.


Once again, thank you and we are looking forward to a prosperous and healthy New Year.


Carolyn Abe Hashiba


SETSUBUNE - Bean throwing ceremony


To celebrate the last day of the lunar year, we will have the festive ceremony of 'bean throwing' (mamemaki) at 1:30pm on February 3rd. The dried roasted soy beans are thrown to bring in good fortune and drive away evil spirits. Everyone yells, "Fukuwauchi, oniwasoto!" Translated: In with good luck; away with demons. People born under the zodiac sign of the year (12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, 96, etc, year old) are selected as bean throwers and the crowd of people try to catch the thrown beans which are said to bring good fortune. Please come and join us. If you were born in the year of Snake and would like to be a bean thrower on stage, wearing Kamishimo (Japanese traditional costume), please fax this form below to the temple at (213)624-8650.